Website Visitor Identification Software and Its Effectiveness


Website currently becomes valuable means in marketing strategies. Website can become display of your products and you can provide further information of your product and services. There can be information about prices, and special offers, and other kinds of information. People can check and see the information easily because things are accessed in the website. Even, it can be accompanied with the access to purchase the products and later people only need to choose the products and these will be delivered once the payment process is successful. Both for customers and business owner, it is very beneficial.

However, it is important to know that sometimes visitors of the website do not directly buy or purchase the products. They may only check the products without further action. Of course, it may be useful enough as long as your website has visitors. However, you will not gain profits when there is no  purchase at all in the website. Thus, you may need to approach the companies or persons that visit your website and offer the products directly. It will be great when things can run well. However, you need to know who visit your website and it is not something easy to do. It may be possible to get contact persons of companies from social media and other sources. However, random calls or emails will not be effective. Thus, it is primarily important to know information of your website’s visitor. You cannot get it by using ordinary way, but there is website visitor identification software from LeadRebel that can provide you with the necessary services. The software is the solution when you need to check information of visitors in your website and later the software can provide you with contact information.

The software from LeadRebel works by collecting information of visitors. The main source is the IP address of the website’s visitors. The IP address can be tracked and checked in the website and later the software will collect the information by matching them with the database owned by LeadRebel. In this case, there is vast database of companies and commercial contact persons collected from many sources. Those database are valid so there will not be any fake or wrong information. The process is vast so information and data will be collected and later you will get the data. The file can be opened in popular software so it is not complicated to use the data. With the information, the sales team can know who that should be contacted to offer the product. Even, software from LeadRebel can provide specific information about products checked by the visitors so the follow-up can be more specific.

Collecting information may be quite tricky. You may have some worries regarding privacy. However, you do not need to worry about it. LeadRebel and its software only provides you with the information about contact person and contact information of the companies and these are provided in social media and other platforms. In other words, the databases are collected from general sources without going against the privacy. Thus, it is safe and legal operation. You may also try the free trial in case you are still not sure about the services of the software.

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