Work Or Leisure? How Does Hong Kong Attract Entrepreneurs Or Professionals?


Opening a new company could be a tedious process while you are going to be preparing all the documents which are required by the Hong Kong Companies Registry. Still, entrepreneurs are willing to go through all the troubles for company incorporation in Hong Kong due to all the advantages of doing businesses in HK.

While assigning the incorporation process to a company secretary service in Hong Kong is one option, another viable and trending method is to make use of a company secretary software especially designed and developed for Hong Kong companies.

Are you ready to relocate your business to Hong Kong as an entrepreneur? Or are you more up to getting employed in one of the Hong Kong companies in your industry?

Cultures and Major Industries

Hong Kong is a city of more than 7 million population, with a good mix among local Hong Kong born people, immigrants from Mainland China, foreigners from western countries, and people relocated from other regions. Basically it is a place of totally mixed cultures and religions.

Professionals who live in Hong Kong are spread among multiple and very distinguished industries in their job roles including finance, banking, retail, tourism, logistics, import and export trades, sports, and more.

Finance Industry

For many years, Hong Kong has been recognized as an international financial center. As of 2018, market capitalization of HK stock market ranked number three in Asia and number five in the world. HK is one of the world’s most active markets for IPOs (or initial public offerings) and ranked number one in the world in IPOs funds raised in the same year.

Tourism Industry

In the tourism industry of HK, inbound tourism has accounted for the majority share of the value added in the industry. Inbound tourism also covers retail trade, accommodation services (including hotels, guesthouses, boarding houses, and other short-term stay), beverage services, transport services, and more.

Outbound industry covers cross-boundary passenger transport services, travel agencies, reservation services, and some other related activities.

Leisure Activities

Regarded as one of the highly commercial destination in the world, Hong Kong does provide sufficient nature for exploration during the weekends. One example is Sai Kung in which you can bring your friends and head to Astropark, the Bottle Shop, 53 Hoi Ha, and more.

53 Hoi Ha is a Sai Kung retreat which has yoga classes, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and more available to sporty persons who are interested. The place is located only an hour’s drive from Central. It is a chic, pink colored house adjacent to the serene and isolated Hoi Hai Wan. At the place personally, you will see incredibly clear blue water.



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