6 Things to Look out for in a Home Office Chair Before Buying


There is no feeling that can be compared to that of being a boss. The idea of working from home is increasingly being practiced today by many and this gives one the freedom to determine your work hours and control your income. One does not have to set blaring alarms in the morning and rush to work as not only can you work remotely but also determine your work hours. Sound good yeah?

However, to work from home, you’ll still require the right environment setting to enable you to be efficient at what you do. The most basic tool you would need is an office chair. One cannot work efficiently while sited on a couch or laying on the bed as it would be uncomfortable and will tell on your productivity. The wrong office chair can become comfortable if not selected rightly. Are you among the work from home bandwagon? Then you should look for these things when purchasing an office chair.

#1: Adjustable Height

This factor depends on your working desk although the optimal height for a desk chair do vary. That is why you must ensure that the office chair in mind offers adjustable height as you won’t carry your work desk along with you to the store so that irrespective of desk height you can adjust your home office chair. You also want to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor with your thighs horizontal and your arms even with your desk’s height. A seat height range of 16 to 21 inches off the ground would suffice for most people.

#2: Reclining Back Seat

You are working not studying so you don’t need to sit up like you used to do in class anymore. A home office chair that’s reclined at 135 degrees puts the least strain on your back. Ensure that your office chair has enough room for slouching.

#3: Armrest

Where else would you rest your arms when you’re slouching? Buy a chair with armrest and you’ll thank yourself later. Armrests help reduce the strain on your upper arm.

#4: Proper Wheels

Not all rolling office chairs are created the same. If your workspace is on a hard surface, find one with rubber rolling chairs but if your workspace is carpeted or rugged then get a chair that uses hard wheels.

These are the minimum requirements a good home office chair must meet before you can purchase them. Luckily for you, there are several quality online stores that can help out. You can get quality office chairs at 123ink.ca they meet every requirement plus they are also affordable.

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