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This post if for those who have no idea about heat press or pointers to look out for when purchasing a heat press. There arevarious brands on the market and you would want to ensure that whatever your choice of heat press is, it’s the right one. These are few tips to guide you when selecting a heat press.


When going for a heat press, size actually matters. It is recommended you go for the largest press size that is within your budget bracket. A minimum of 15 x 15” would suffice. The reason why a large heat press is recommended, are:

  • Pressing oversized shirt designs
  • Pressing names on Jerseys
  • Pressing multiple items at once
  • For easier alignment of larger shirt sizes

Also, you may want to consider whether your press will be stationary or portable (easily accessible). The 16 x 20 press would be fine for a stationary one while the 15 x 15 press would make good for a portable and mobile one.

Clamshell vs Swing Away

There are two most popular types of heat press which are the Clamshell and the Swinger heat press. The former has a stationary bottom. Its top also opens up at an angle while the latter also has a stationary bottom, however, it has a top that slightly opens up and swings to the right or left of the work area.

Selecting between these heat presses seems to be a decision based on space constraints and personal preference. The swing away would require approximately twice the space of the clamshell press. It also won’t heat up your hands while aligning your next transfer. The swing away heat press appears to be a better option for printing a wider variety of items i.e. mousepads, tiles, etc.

Other Questions to Ask

While taking the aforementioned into consideration, here a few other pointers or questions to ask:

  • A timer (digital or analog?)
  • Temperature gauge (digital or analog?)
  • Pressure adjustment (digital or analog?)
  • Solid warranty
  • Voltage
  • Portability/ press weight

Where to Buy a Heat Press

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, “where can I get a good heat press?” While you’re still looking for the best deal possible, an important factor to consider while purchasing a heat press is the vendor. How authentic is their reputation? Do they have good warranty that meets your requirements? Not to worry as you can get any of the mentioned heat press machines for Sale at and at give-away prices.

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