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Car loans have made so many dreams come true for people who can now enjoy their rides without going through years of tight savings! It is indeed an overwhelming experience for everyone to own a car, but one can quickly get loan approval by following a few steps. Yes, the banks and other financial institutes have made it much simpler to get the loan documentation done. The application criteria and approval terms are justifiable, with nominal documentation required. 

If one does not get to meet the terms of banks, there are many NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) offering car loans on simpler provisions. Get instant loan approval using the online portals or mobile application of the preferred service provider. All one has to do is follow these few easy steps to get the keys to his first car! 

A 7-Step Guide To Get A Car Loan Approval 

The process to avail a car loan is simple and convenient if one chooses the best source. Follow this 7-step guide to get the loan approval instantly. Although the terms and regulations of the approval may differ from one lender to another, it is not a laborious task.  

Find The Best Lender 

It all begins with finding the right lender offering loans at affordable interest rates and minimal documentation. While most people rely upon banks to get finances for their vehicles, the NBFCs also offer loans at competent rates. One should check and contemplate the pros and cons of choosing his preferred lender with that of the potential options. 

Research The Eligibility Criteria 

Take note of the eligibility criteria laid by all the shortlisted lenders to finalise the ones that are accessible. One must justify each of the terms as there are only a few service providers who offer compensation on these matters. 

Check The Credit Score 

The lenders use the credit score of an individual to evaluate his capability and sincerity in repaying his debts. Once a person has availed any loans or monetary instruments from the market, he gets marked on his repayment process. The ones who pay their EMIs regularly are likely to have the highest score and an edge to get instant loans! 

Fill Up The Loan Application 

Visit the website of the preferred lender after verifying the eligibility criteria and find the online application form. Fill up all the details accurately and cross-verify every information as anything wrong can get the application rejected. 

Submit All The Documents 

Scan all the documents and attach the copies with the online application form. Some NBFCs offer this advanced mobile application form where one just has to enter his PAN card and Aadhar card number for the primary verification process. However, if not that, it is crucial to make clear scans of all the documents. 

Go Through The Verification Process 

Once the lender gets all the information, the applicant gets a verification call for the final verification round. Answer all the questions confidently and ensure there is no need for any other document. Some banks might want to complete this round through a video call, if not in-person verification. 

Get The Loan 

Once the lender confirms the authenticity of all the documentation and information, the car loan amount is credited to the dealer’s account, and the applicant gets the car. 


A car loan is the easiest and most convenient way of buying the dream car without having to exhaust all the emergency funds. One should always rely upon a reliable financial institution to get instant funds for the purpose. Analysing the market and opting for the one that meets the expected interest rate and terms of loans is the safest way to approach this process. Get the dream ride through the road of suitable loan fundings! 

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