7 Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Crimping Tool


Crimping tools are widely used in the electrical as well as communication industry because they require the installation of numerous connectors on wires. They are used for sealing, joining or fastening two ends. Since they are available in different shapes, sizes, crimping jaws, grip and pressure capabilities, one needs to understand the purpose and function required for getting the best crimping tool.

So, here are 7 essential factors to consider before buying a crimping tool.

What to look for when choosing the best of crimp tools?


  • Size of the crimp


The market offers these tools in a variety of sizes. Choose a crimper that suits your wire size as well as a range of crimping tasks rather than a single size. A wire gauge with size 50 is the smallest. As this number decreases, the wires get larger. So, choose accordingly.


  • Ratchet mechanism with a complete cycle


It is a feature that prevents release of the compressor before the crimping process completes. It makes sure that the wire crimps entirely and does not slip off. This mechanism also provides a safety release to keep the handle locked until the procedure is complete. Having this feature becomes necessary when using crimping tools for wires of larger size.


  • Carrying an ergonomic design


Having an ergonomic design is critical when using a handheld crimping tool. Make sure to hold and check whether it fits in your palm and provides a reasonable grip before choosing the right one. It should not give any additional stress to your hand while using.


  • A decent blade guard


A blade guard acts as a shield for protecting the user from any accidental cut or wound. Having it along with the crimper provides additional safety while striping and compressing wires. So, check for this feature among crimp tools to find the best one.


  • Warranty


While selecting a suitable crimping tool, look for manufacturers who offer warranties on their products. Since these tools are used for mechanical processes, there can be instances that may lead to breakage due to an existing fault in the tool. An existing warranty will act as a safeguard.


  • Price of the tool


Crimpers generally do not come at high prices. Contrarily, if you look for one having a low cost, it may not be from a reputed brand. So, when looking for a crimper with high performance, why not pay a few bucks extra to get your hands on the best tool?


  • Task volume


You need to choose the crimping technology according to the volume of task required to be performed. If you require to use it consistently, it’s better to go for a pneumatic or hydraulic design than a handheld one.

The takeaway…

With all the necessary factors to consider explained, you can now get the best of crimping tools suitable for your purpose. Choose one for wiring, plumbing or connecting network cables. You can also avail a tool ideal for general household needs.

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