What you need to know when choosing a refrigerator: detail explanation


An important criterion when buying a refrigerator is the volume of the freezing and refrigerating chambers. Selection of volume is an individual matter. If you freeze a lot of food, a large freezer (volume over 90 l) is simply necessary, but if you do not use frozen semi-finished products and do not store food for the future, then choose models with a small freezer compartment (50–70 l). The size of the refrigerator also depends on the needs of a particular family. For example, for a family of 3-4 at least 200 liters is recommended. In such freezers, retractable baskets or drawers are commonly used for convenience. The better thing will be to ask directly to the Open Air Merchandiser professional.

Specifications of the capacity:

Single-chamber refrigerators

This kind of refrigerator has a refrigerating chamber with a freezing compartment inside. The refrigerating chamber in such models is roomy, and the freezer is very small or completely absent. Another type of single-chamber refrigerators are freezers, which can be made both vertically and horizontally.

Two-compartment refrigerators

It is the most numerous class of refrigerators. They are most in demand by buyers. Such refrigerators have two chambers – refrigerating and freezing, each of which is equipped with a separate door. The freezer can be located both above and below the refrigerator compartment. If you often use the freezer and your refrigerator has a great height, then the option with the lower location of the freezer is preferable.

Inside the refrigeration compartment of such models there can be a chamber. The temperature inside is close to 0 degree C, and the humidity about 50% in the chamber with one compartment. The division of the zero zone into two compartments allows you to separate the products of plant origin from meat, fish or poultry.

Three-compartment refrigerators

This model has three chambers but they are all separated from each other – a refrigeration compartment, a freezer and a zero chamber. The zero chamber can also be large, and the cooling chamber can be a drawer in the lower part of the refrigerator.

Is vertical freezer a good option?

Vertical freezers will fit well into the interior of any kitchen, often they are installed under the countertop. Horizontal chest freezer requires a lot of space, so most often it is installed in apartments with utility rooms. The advantage of a horizontal freezer is less cold loss when removing food. Since the cold air is heavier, it is located at the bottom of the refrigerator. The door opening from above allows to release outside warmer air from the top of the chamber. Another advantage of the horizontal freezer – by removing the vertical partitions, you can put some large (long) product – a big fish, a small pig, etc. If the size of your apartment is enough, it is convenient to arrange in the kitchen both a free-standing freezer and a refrigerator. They will have a larger volume than the refrigerator and freezer compartment.

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