Common Heating Problems


If there is one thing that worries us in these winter months, it is that our heating works properly, so that our family is comfortable with the low temperatures that occur outside the home. But we all know that they can be improvised. And since the best way to deal with a problem is to be prepared beforehand, today we talk about the most common problems that can arise with heating .

A fault in the pump

This is one of the problems that can occur most in our boiler and we can detect it thanks to friction noises that will start to be heard when this happens. The best solution to this is to replace the part with a new one , as a partial repair can compound the problem over time.

Pressure drops

If we appreciate that hot water and heat from heating disappear for no reason, we need not be alarmed at all. It is a very common error in boilers and it is due to a small mismatch that can be fixed by filling the circuit again with the pressure recommended by the manufacturer of your boiler.

Smoke outlet obstruction

It is an easily detectable problem through the electronic panel of our boiler. In this case we must exercise extreme caution , since the carbon monoxide generated by the operation of the boiler must be evacuated through the outlet duct and this is not happening correctly. The best and fastest solution to this is to call a specialist.

Blockage in the recirculation pump

The detection of this problem usually occurs immediately, if we appreciate that the temperature rises as soon as we turn on the heating but it quickly turns off . This is another problem that has a difficult solution, if not with the help of a heating expert. When this happens you need to find a plumber.

Temperature probe

This is one of the most annoying problems when it comes to showering as this piece is in charge of detecting whether the water is hot , or not, to send the order to heat more water to the system. When it comes to the boiler, the repairs are not usually easy enough to dare to do it yourself. Even so, it is advisable to know what may be failing because calling a specialist giving the indicated instructions can save time and therefore money when making the repair.


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