How Much Discount Can I Negotiate On Pre Construction


This does not matter whether you are going to purchase a condo from a reseller or a developer. It is imperative at your part to understand the process of negotiation. Good negotiation will save your money and help you get the perfect unit. Although, buying pre construction condos for sale is a cumbersome task for many. Here are some simple tricks that will help you negotiate like a Pro.


Remember that when you are playing cards, you are holding it in your hands at that point of time the other player will understand the seriousness. Similarly, your seller or developer will understand the seriousness of your query if you are pre-approved for a loan. You will be able to play your cards right after preapproval of mortgage.

You can be aggressive

There is a big difference in being rude and showing aggression. We are not suggesting you to be aggressive when talking with your seller. You need to stay pleasant, but this does not mean that your seller can overshadow you. It is imperative at your part to do your homework and find out the actual market cost of the condo you have chosen. This will help you negotiate in a better way and most probably, you will strike a deal for pre construction condos for sale. If you know what other sellers are offering, then it will make your seller think twice about decreasing the cost.

If you think that things are not going in your favor, then you can walk away from negotiations. You do not need to be afraid of leaving the discussion in between. You need to be realistic and do not expect too much from your seller. Walking away from the discussion is like bluff. It will make your seller think again. You are more likely to get the minimum possible price.

Offer more cash

Your broker will tell you about the down payment. It is better to give a generous down payment. This will put less burden on your shoulder because you have to pay less in monthly payments. Other than this, it is a wonderful method to negotiate. This will help you create a different place for yourself in the eyes of your seller. When a seller will come to know that you have hard cash to give as down payment more than they have asked, then they will give you a better offer and negotiate properly. Giving a generous down payment will always work in your favor.

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