How to make your office more attractive to new starters


Now that your office is getting new starters, do you feel the environment is welcoming enough? Our mood and productivity are much enhanced when we are in a pleasant, and welcoming environment.  But, did you know that a well-designed office space can have a significant impact on the success of your business?

To be most productive, offices must strike a balance between home comforts and a professional image. Your new team members will thrive in a colorful, vibrant, and inspiring work atmosphere.

To make new starters and everyone else feel good, the office design ideas should mirror your company’s ideals. To avoid a terrible first impression, you should make sure that the office design has been updated.

Here are ideas on how to make your office more attractive to new starters

·       Use your natural illumination to its fullest potential.

In a well-designed office, good lighting is essential. If you don’t have the correct lighting in your room, even if you have the coolest furniture, the nicest color choices, and the most stylish desks, none of that will shine.

To maximize the amount of natural light in your workstation, keep all window locations unobstructed. While at work, keep your windows’ blinds open. When working in offices with windows, neurology researchers discovered that people receive 173 percent more white light and sleep 46 minutes longer each night.

·       Start a culture of De-cluttering your office

Like most busy offices, papers, files, and boxes of all kinds will accumulate. If not cleaned up the space can easily clutter up making it difficult to work. The best thing to encourage your employees to clean up the office premises for 20 minutes every day or check out facilities management London-based company Precision FM for professional cleaners to do the cleaning. This will save you time and have your office looking clean and fresh for most of the time.

·       Consider making the mission statement of your organization visible

Consider putting up a large photo of your company’s mission statement in an area where the new starters can see it.

Think of how good it would feel walking towards your workstation with your company’s values on display. This can be a terrific approach to exhibit your company’s principles and to remind yourself and your employees to live them.

·       Incorporate your company colors

To ensure that your room has a consistent look, incorporate your brand’s colors into the color scheme you choose. Staff may be more willing to promote a positive company image if your organization’s brand is incorporated into the office design. They have a profound psychological effect on humans, making them happier.

·       Office supplies should be color-coded.

Organize yourself with similar pencil holders and staplers. There is even evidence to suggest that certain colors can improve your critical thinking skills.

A person’s productivity can be greatly affected by color. The colors blue and red affect your mind, yellow and green your emotions, and green your balance according to scientific studies. By blending these hues, you can have a significant impact on how you operate.

You’ll discover a lot of results for “most productive color” if you Google it. And, according to experts, if you spend all day thinking, you should paint your office blue and add some orange. In your mind-stimulating space, this elicits a feeling of emotion.

·       Incorporate Fun Accent Pieces

A complete furniture overhaul is sometimes out of reach for many businesses, but a few colorful accent pieces may make a great difference. Items like magazine racks, coffee tables, or even a couple of soft sofas can be used as accent pieces.

Welcome your guests and new starters with an attractive waiting area, conference tables, plus, choose pieces that fit well with the likely classic desks you have. Stores offer high-quality and economical options for a few statement pieces that combine the best of both worlds.

·       A beautifully organized setting

Modern décor, with its precise lines and minimum clutter, is known for being clean and well-organized. Not only does it look amazing, but it is also really effective for productivity when it comes to organization.

Working on a crowded desk isn’t something most people enjoy, and modern desk organizers are both attractive and functional. Opt for beautiful wood, bamboo, or metal organizers instead of the cheap plastic alternatives. As a result, they will be able to keep their workstations clean and productive if you provide them.

·       Allow workstation personalization

Let your staff design their workstations in a way that is personal and appealing to them because they will be spending a large portion of their day there. A standing or adjustable desk, an ergonomic office chair or stability ball, an ergonomic keyboard, and a mouse are all examples of what this means. Personal photographs, plants, and desk lamps should be allowed in their cubicle or office space.

·       Provide quiet rooms

Even while open office plans are common, you should consider giving a few locations where employees can withdraw if they need to concentrate on a difficult task. As a result, mood and productivity are improved. Think of giving nap chambers, which Google is known for, as an additional option.

It makes us feel more proud of ourselves when we personalize our workspace, and that pride will carry over into everything we accomplish at work.

·       Members of your team should be able to walk in at any time.

New starters are more likely to stay in a position where they feel valued and listened to. Employees who feel left out or that they’re only indentured servants are more likely to get into dispute than those who feel included. Your availability for inquiries, comments, and concerns should be made clear. To that purpose, the phrase “walk-in at any time” should be taken literally.

Bottom Line

A few modifications in décor can raise productivity, increase the odds that you get that new job you’re wanting, and help current employees and new starters feel good about where they work. If you can find room in the budget, you can make a few little modifications that can make a significant impact on everyone who comes into your office including yourself and visitors.

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