Important Policies That Every Jewelry Business Should Get in Writing


If you are running your small jewelry business, you will realize that you have to have company policies defined for yourself and your clients. Generally, such type of realization comes under scenarios when any issue comes up and you don’t know the right way to deal with it. It is necessary to have written policies so that both your customers and you know the right way to deal with it.

The size of the ring

There can arise situations when a customer places the order for a wrong size of the ring. In those conditions, how will your business handle pricing on that jewelry piece? Should you charge them a one-time fee for jewellery sizing or let the first time jewellery sizing be free? Some businesses cover the sizing related cost when it increases by one size. Also, consider situations when the ring is unable to be sized.

Setting the stone of the customer

How is your business going to deal with situations that lead to breaking of the customer stone? Who will be liable for the breakage you or the customer? You need to consider situations when the stone got lost when the jewellery broke. Use this website to know more about the important policies that your business should specify before dealing with customers.

Most of the jewellery manufacturers have a stringent policy in place wherein they make the customer to sign a “waiver” stating that designer or the maker is not entitled for any breakage in stone.

Repairing your faults

If a jewellery store or a client gets a jewelry piece and they question about the craftsmanship quality, then how is your business going to improve it? Would you accept to take the returned jewellery?

Repairing broken jewelry

If your customer returns the jewelry piece as it has got damaged, then how are you planning to deal with charging them for the repair work? What if the customer has taken assistance of another jeweler that has caused the problem?


All this information makes it clear that you should start formulating your policies. Writing down answers and getting them printed to your new customers, retail galleries, stores, etc. is definitely in the interest of your business.

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