Key Reasons to Invest in an LCD Separator Machine 


Many perceptive tech-heads are purchasing cell phone parts wholesale from top suppliers to either launch their cell phone repair venture or repair their personal phones independently. A group of people who don’t only use their cell phones, but also fix them – sounds great, right? Well, things can go wrong for these tech-heads if they don’t use the perfect repairing tools. Having a cell phone repair tool kit is essential for anyone who wants to dabble in cell phone repairs. An essential repair tool of them all? LCD Separator Machines.

Understanding LCD Separator Machines 

These devices help users separate their cell phone screens from the phone. The LCD/OLED screen faces zero damage when removed using an ultra-low temperature separator machine. An efficient LCD separator machine can reduce production costs for repair stores by 90% in the long-run. These machines are noiseless, easy to use, and feature complicated LCD separation processes. You can either go for a separator machine that features the molybdenum wire cutting system, or a machine that features the liquid nitrogen freezing (refrigerator freezing) system. Always opt for models that offer ultra-low temperatures. Lower the temperatures, higher will be your rate of LCD repair. 

Key Features of these Machines

Top-quality models such as the TBK-958C laser separator marking machine are very easy to operate. They come with one-button start mechanisms. The temperature control systems on these machines are ‘intelligent.’ They instantly reach preset temperatures. You can set precise temperatures and leave the machine on for hours. The finest separators come with refrigeration compressors that ensure stable performances. Along with the separator, uses receive thick thermal insulation layers that ensure that the machine’s thermal insulation performance is on-point. Maximum design efforts are made to reduce any possible loss in cooling capacity. These energy-saving features also make them a treat to work with. Always choose models that have both high and low voltage protection. Bear in mind – you’re using a piece of factory-grade equipment that consumes a ton of electrical energy. Read the instruction manuals, check pictures of the device, and search for video guides if possible.

Economical Investment 

Who would’ve thought that dismantle the edge screens of cell phones would be such a profitable business? With a proper laser separator, repair experts can handle multiple orders in an hour. The LCD separator machine is the most economically profitable and practical piece of equipment a mobile repair expert can ask for!


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