Loan Away Review in Three Steps.


There is no doubt it is very important to plan your budget for future. Starting from simple transfers to your savings account and ending with a special tracking list of your expenses, you should prioritize your needs and wants to live a happy & wealthy life. Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes you need to exceed your monthly budget due to unexpected circumstances. In such cases, I would advice you not to panic and consider a private lender.

I selected Loan Away company to take a personal loan from and would like to share my experience with them.

Step 1. Application process. My rating (5/5)

I spent 10 minuets filling out an application and received an approval via email. After my application was fully reviewed, they sent me a contract to sign. It only took me two clicks to do it.

Step 2. Waiting time. My rating (5/5)

I was happy to receive money next day directly to my bank account. It is very convenient for people who are not willing to leave their house.

Step 3. Customer service help (4.5/5)

Loan Away customer service was helpful enough to resolve my issue. I was not able to make my last payment because of my paycheck delay. A very polite agent Michael helped me to resolve the problem and gave me an extra week to pay.

I hope you will find this Loanaway review helpful. Overall rating: (4.8/5)

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