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PMP online course is created to make you understand essential knowledge areas and processes that will help you to pass the PMP certification exam. The PMP online course is highly required by project managers in order to boost their organization power and meet up with business standards.

Participating in PMP online course will facilitate your career prospects and success. It will expose you to the principles of project management thereby promoting profitability and ensuring success in an organization. This course will certainly benefit any manager that cannot take time off work. It helps you to preserve your job while you get the certification successfully. Your job will serve as a medium of gaining experience as you take the course. You can visit to learn more about PMP online course

PMBOK guide edition comes with various changes either major or minor. PMBOK 6th changes focus majorly on the fact that only processes can’t run a project. There was major shift in the PMO and CAPM exams as a result of PMBOK 6th changes. The quality of the exams and nature of the questions were improved. After the 6th edition of the PMBOK has been released in 2017, there will be some significant changes that will have adverse effects on the present industry trends. Here are some changes that have been made.

Agile Addition: This is an important part of every business. Even though it has been incorporated in the 5th edition, there will still be some modifications in the 6th edition.

3 New Processes: The PMBOK 6th changes will contain 49 processes as a form of modification of the previous 47 processes in the 5th edition.

Moving to processes or change of name:  The change of name is another significant change.  It falls into two sections. The Change of name of knowledge areas and Change of name of processes.

The PMBOK guide has added emerging trends and practices. gives further information about PMBOK 6th edition.

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