​Proven ways to earn money with zero investment


Most people want to earn online from the comfort of their homes. Fortunately, you can make money by referring from home and without any investment. Referral services are available to anyone who wishes to earn a quick additional income. You can make over ₹50,000 per month with no investment through refer and earn mobile apps. You must follow a simple three-step process to earn money with a zero-investment facility.

  • Download your preferred app via the Play Store or App Store after conducting in-depth research ​and registering yourself.​
  • Approach those who want to avail of a personal loan instantly and send them referral links to download the app.
  • Once they download the app and receive the loan proceeds, you will receive your payment.

What is the benefit of refer and earn apps?

A referral program is an effective method to attract more customers into the sales funnel. A customer is likelier to install a referral app when a friend recommends it. Customers are more likely to rely on people from their social network than sponsored ads.

Banks depend on the power of people-to-people recommendations to introduce a referral strategy and incentivise customers to promote their app within their network. Here are all the advantages of referral programs.

  • Word of mouth can influence every step of a consumer’s journey

Customers are the best promoters and marketers of a product. Naturally, if you are the customer of an app, you may have experience of using the app. It makes you a trustworthy source within your circle. Additionally, your feedback may strongly and positively impact your referral’s journey.

  • Referred customers are valuable

If you refer a bank’s app to someone in your circle, your referrals will be viewed positively as you’re a user. As an outcome, customers acquired via word-of-mouth are more likely to spend more money and make twice as many referrals.

  • The referral program is cost-effective

Banks launch email and social media ad campaigns, but they might not be as effective in reaching out to new customers as a referral program. Implementing a referral strategy on apps is cost-effective as the cost of the number of customers acquired through this route is low. Moreover, the acquired customers through referrals have the potential of further disseminating the app amongst their circles.

Many apps have developed this program, although it is recommended to opt for such apps after thorough research. Once you are sure about the app, you can refer to as many as possible.

IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner App is a trusted app in this segment. It is reliable as it is an IDFC FIRST Bank product. Existing partners on the app speak highly of it, which shows their belief in the app as a second source of income.

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