Reasons to Sell Gold


For many people, receiving immediate cash in hand is a top reason to sell gold, but it is not the only one. Selling gold to your local, reputable establishment can benefit the environment and your mood. It may sound strange, but it’s true!

Thriving Gold Market

While stock prices continue to fluctuate and jobs may come and go, the gold market is thriving. Now is the time to sell gold while the value is at near-record levels.

The gold value of that broken watch, tangled necklace or out-of-style earrings you never wear is worth more today than it was years ago.

Environmental Benefits

When you sell gold, you are helping make the Earth a better place. While it is only a small step, you can give yourself credit for recycling.

Whether the jewelry you sell is resold to someone who will wear and cherish it in its current form, or it is re-purposed or “upcycled” into another form, you are reducing the use of gold mining. Gold mining is a complex process that pollutes and damages the environment.

Mood Boost

Oftentimes, when people sell gold, they are ridding themselves of something they have not needed or wanted in a long time.

Whether it’s a gold locket necklace from an ex-boyfriend or a gaudy ring that hasn’t been fashionable in years, it can feel great to rid your home of things that don’t bring joy. Plus, the easy cash in return is an instant mood boost.

Sell Gold in Concord and Manchester

If you are ready to sell gold in Concord or Manchester, contact Cash For Gold in New Hampshire today! We are happy to evaluate your gold at no cost, and we promise a fair price in a friendly, professional and pressure-free environment.

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