Things to Look for in a Cleaning Service for your Company


When you are looking to employ a cleaning company for your business, it is essential that you know what you should look for.  You probably would like to make sure that you have chosen a company that best fits your company in terms of budget, professionalism and the level of service. It could be that you are switching as you are unhappy with your existing company, or you now feel you are at a stage you require this service.  We have listed some things to look for below.

Can the Company Offer Flexibility?

One of the things you may worry about is the cleaning service interrupting your staff in a busy working day.  Professional companies such as Regional Cleaning Services try their best to be as flexible as possible.  This means that they will fit around your day, and your specific needs.  They also offer a quality monitoring service which will set them apart from other cleaning companies.

Do they use Environmentally Friendly Products?

This is something that more and more companies are taking into consideration these days.  Not all businesses are happy with a large amount of chemicals being used in their cleaning products and want to make sure that they aren’t causing harm to the environment.  There are other factors apart from the products used such as if they are employing people in close proximity to the offices to reduce carbon footprint.

Are they Value for Money?

This can of course be a big one for companies.  If you look on a few websites to see what the prices are, that should give you an idea of what you should be paying.  You will also find that a lot of companies offer free consultations that you may want to take them up on.  This will also give you the chance to ask questions and find out a bit more about them in general.

Do they Value their Staff?

A professional cleaning company needs a professional cleaning team to exist.  Look for clues online (this doesn’t necessarily need to be their website) that they value and appreciate their staff members.  This could be that they maybe go on team days, have good programs in place, offer them incentives etc.

Have other People had a Positive Experience?

Have a quick look on their site to see if there are any testimonials featured.  If not, if you head to their social media channels you will often find that they will leave reviews to give you a good idea about their customer service levels.  You should also be able to find that info out on Google My Business as an alternative source as to where people place reviews.

If you are considering employing a cleaning company for your office – make sure you take these things into consideration when doing so, that way you can rest assured you have a match for you.

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