Things to Know about Premium Financing Life Insurance


Life insurance becomes something that can be beneficial. There are benefits gained from the insurance. However, because it is insurance, there are premiums that should be paid. Annual premiums of life insurance have different value, and it can start from $100,000 up to millions of dollar. Of course, it is not small amount of money and it requires proper calculation to cover the annual premiums. Even for the wealthy individual, it can be such burden. Thus, there is premium financing life insurance as the solution. This is known as the process to pay the premiums of large insurance. The mechanism is as simple as borrowing the money that will be needed to cover the premiums. It is like rotating the money. Although it is not totally effective, it still can be useful to reduce the financial burdens to handle the annual premiums of life insurance.

In fact, premium financing life insurance is not as simple as borrowing the money to pay the annual premiums. There can be many benefits that can be obtained from the premium financing life insurance. In addition to its solution to obtain large amount of money, it is useful to protect and even develop the assets. When the money is not allocated to cover the annual premiums, the finance can be managed so there is enough allocation to protect and even grow the assets. Then, it can be combined with ILIT or irrevocable life insurance trust to minimize and even remove the gift taxes.

The general idea may seem simple. Some people may even think that it is easy to get the solution and handle the whole process. The benefits are great, but it takes long process and it is not something easy. Although there are accesses to get the premium financing life insurance, it needs more consideration. In the end, it will be considered as loans. When it is not considered properly, it will only bring other financial burdens and it is not something people will expect. Thus, it is necessary to consider some factors that can be risks. One of them is loan interest rate. As what is mentioned before, it is part of the loan so it will have interest rate. The rate can fluctuate and each provider can have different rate of the interest. Thus, it should be considered properly. Other consideration is about product option of life insurance. Life insurance provides different products. Each of them has different types of coverage and policies. Of course, the choice will determine the annual premium that should be paid.

Thus, it is important to know deeper information about the premium financing life insurance. It is useful, but it can be quite dangerous when it is not considered properly. That is why during the process to establish it, it is necessary to have informal modeling. This can determine approach and strategy to bring more benefits and reduce the burdens. It may also be necessary to get some quotes and estimates as insights to make proper consideration. By doing so, the benefits can be obtained without having high possibilities of risks that may occur in the future.

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