Three Critical Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Us As Leader


Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur as well as business Magnate. He was chief executive, chairman, and co-founder of Apple Inc. He was a brilliant innovator as well as marketer. But, gradually he developed the great leadership in his working areas. The lessons provided for leadership have been revealed in the book becoming Steve Jobs. The three lessons have been explained below:

  • Think Different But Strategically

Steve Jobs worked on computers for the invention with the high profile technical team. He took four years to launch Next’s first computer. He had a huge investment in launching the product and could not compete in the market. Steve Jobs found that Apple computer was much better than Next’s computer as per market condition.

In next act in Apple, he started thinking differently but strategically. While thinking about the technical side, he also thought about the market while inventing some technology. Before launching the product, he thought about the profit margin. Otherwise, all the inventions will go in vain. After that, he launched iPod, iPhone, iPad and he started profit gain and found success in his work.

  • Recruit And Retain The Best Talent

Steve Jobs could recognize the best talent. The work for innovation requires some passion for this job. Steve Jobs realized the talent and recruited the best talents.He kept the best talents for Apple. Steve Jobs knew that these people are the key factors to the company for producing something new.

Steve Jobs always used to move with the top management people those who are holding innovative ideas. So, talent recognition with capture is a great job for the company as it will provide a business ultimately with profit.

  • Learning Takes Lifetime

Steve Jobs worked in several companies and tried to fulfill his passion for innovative ideas. Every time he did not achieve success. But, each setback in his life he learned something and Steve Jobs applied it in the next phase and got success. In this way, he kept on learning and achieved success at an early age. So, learning never stops through the lifetime. It moves on.

So, the above three lessons are important for an individual to achieve success in a leadership role.

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