Tips for New Importers and Exporters

The U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBD) strongly recommends that all new importers and exporters familiarize themselves with CBD policies and procedures before importing/exporting any goods so as to avoid potential problems in the clearance of your merchandise. As a new importer/exporter, after getting a reliable and proficient customs broker like Clearit customs clearance to help clear your goods at the port, you also need to understand the entry requirements and federal regulations specific to your type of commodity. The following tips are intended to guide you.

The U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) contains resourceful information

As a new importer/exporter, it is recommended that you browse the CBP Trade page to review the topics contained in their database. Each topic is followed by questions and correct answers. There is a section tilted Basic “Importing and Exporting” and you can get resourceful information on CBP import requirements, formal entry cv. Informal entry, the arrival of goods, classification, protest restricted merchandise, and more.

When you become a frequent importer with high valued shipments, you can move on to read the “importing into the United States” section of the CBP Trade page. More in-depth valuable information can be reached here if you are ready for a serious business on importation and exportation. Many Informed Compliance publications (ICPs) are also prepared by CBP and you can read to keep yourself abreast on a variety of issues.

What is the necessary License required to import merchandise in the United States?

Many agencies require a license, permit or other certifications from an importer depending on the commodity; but CBP does not require any form of license. You can get more information from the CBP because they act in an administrative capacity for other agencies requiring a license. The publication “Importing into the United States” contains a listing of other government agencies on importation at the appendix section. Some local authorities may also require a license from you.

Contact the CPD office at the port you are using prior to importing

If you are considering Clearit importing through multiple ports or haven’t decided the port where your shipment will arrive, try consulting a service port that is closer to you. You can check “ports of entry”; it is a website carrying a complete directory of several ports. You can ask to speak with CBP import specialist who can advise you on classification, commodity specification requirements, and other relevant information.