Which is More Trustworthy: A freelancer or Digital Company?


Over and over, across different platforms, people ask which is the best to work with, a freelancer or Digital Webolutions marketing agency in Denver. While some have argued that freelancers have marginal skills or that a digital company is not worth the hype, those are actually not grounded nor factual arguments. Here is a better and more industrial view of running a digital marketing campaign with a freelancer or an agency


Freelancers with years of experience at their fingertips would have a wonderful skill set in what they do. They have a sound mind to run different things within their capacity. However, a freelancer often has his or her niche narrowed and picks up other skills as add-ons.

A digital agency, on the other hand, has different people knowing all the skills of digital marketing as an entity. Each person involved can know more than a digital skill, but they have people dedicated to each skill for mastery.


A freelancer always has a starter pack of tools. But like a person trying to build their business to optimize cost, a freelancer can be at this stage, too. Thus, they may not have all the possible tools, but try to deliver the possible best that the ones they have would allow.

A digital firm like Webolutions marketing agency in Denver is more established, having different tools to run their campaigns since they would be representing different businesses on various fronts.

Meeting Deadlines:

Sometimes, a freelancer may have his hands full. Hence, it may be difficult for them to meet deadlines. You may want an urgent job done, if they are busy with someone else’s, they may not make you a priority at that instance.

A company has different people handling various aspects of one campaign, making them more available. It is easier for them to attend to multiple people at once. Since you are an active client of theirs, they’d always see you as a priority.


It may be quite a challenge to track a freelancer. But there are several of them who are trustworthy, truthful in their words. The challenge, though, is do you want to be a scapegoat to find out?

Companies are often afraid of their online impression, visibility, and credibility. They’d always want to avoid bad testimonies, so it is easier to hold them accountable. They are an easier guarantee.

So, if you are considering a brand like the Webolutions marketing agency in Denver to run your campaign or an alternative freelancer, weigh your choices carefully.

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