Why Is Off-Site Shredding The Right Decision For You?


A lot of businesses don’t think about using an off-site shredding company to dispose of their documents.  Choosing off-site shredding means being able to free up storage in your office and is an effective, organised answer to your shredding needs.

Off-site shredding also means not having to use office space, keeping it free for your other business needs. When files and documents are ready for shredding, they’re put into a bin to be picked up and taken away. The shredding collections take place at a pre-arranged time and date to suit you; whether it’s a regular collection or a one-off service, it can be organised to best fit your company’s shredding needs.

There’s also a Certificate of Destruction once all documents have been shredded and destroyed, confirming that all information is professionally dealt with. All of this is done off-site from your company at a safe location, freeing up your space and keeping all information secure and safe.  It’s also a cost-effective way to dispose of documents that need shredding; it saves your business having to invest in your own shredding equipment, and any labour costs too.

Arguably the biggest benefit of off-site shredding services is the increased security. An off-site shredding company is professional and secure. Your own employees or other outside intruders could be able to access all sorts of documentation that may be personal to your company or clients if sensitive information is stored in-house and not shredded correctly. Off-site shredding means no risk of a privacy threat, which could be disastrous for any company in the wrong hands.

Choosing off-site shredding comes with a safe, secure service that keeps those sorts of risks as low as possible; all precautions are taken to ensure that all sensitive information within the documents or files is accurately destroyed and that there is no risk of your privacy being breached. Being able to destroy over ten tonnes of confidential waste each hour to a fully compliant shred size makes this off-site shredding service extremely efficient and affordable, along with the option to lower the shred size if necessary, to reduce any confidential documents to a dust-sized particle for peace of mind.

Employees for off-site shredding are vetted, so you know that your documents are being handled by the most reliable workers whilst being shredded. Vehicles are also installed with GPS tracking, with the premises covered by 24-hour CCTV coverage which are tested regularly. The shredding standards set by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) are met, and none of the waste goes to landfill, but after the shredding is complete, all paper and recyclable materials are sent to recycling mills; reassuring you that all of the waste has been disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Off-site shredding can be an extremely helpful, convenient way to dispose of any type of document, sensitive or not, for any company, and is the best way to safely and securely dispose of all of your documents and files.

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