Why Postcards Are a Great Marketing Idea for Your Business


People tend to think of post cards as souvenirs and personal mementos bought at tourist traps and other travel destinations. However, what you may not be aware of is that post cards can provide steady streams of revenue for businesses outside of the tourism industry. They are a great marketing tool and can be used to produce sales leads for many different industries. Below are just a few of the reasons why post cards are a great marketing idea for your business.

Direct Mail Works

While digital marketing is a cheap marketing choice in theory, it has certain significant downsides. For one, it’s very hard to craft a digital ad that targets specific consumers in specific locations. Direct mailing companies, on the other hand, have the ability to target individual consumers with absolute precision. Digital marketing is more of a crapshoot.

Consumers Have Accepted Direct Mail

It is true that digital marketing has gotten better at targeting consumers based on their preferences expressed through their online behavior. However, many people find these targeted ads creepy. They feel like they’re being followed on the internet. On the other hand, direct mail has been accepted by nearly everyone as part of their regular routine. It does not share this negative stigma.

Post Cards Catch People’s Attention

One of the great things about using post cards for a direct mail campaign is that the design of post cards immediately catches people’s attention. 4×6 postcard printing allows you to include a dramatic, photorealistic image on one side and a more direct sales pitch on the opposite side. It’s the perfect format for effective marketing.

Post Cards Are Cheap to Produce

Using post cards to advertise your business will also give you a lot bang for your marketing buck. You can bring down the cost substantially by ordering printed postcards at a high volume from a local printing company. If you are in Chicago, for example, implementing printing services can help to slash costs for your marketing campaign.

Post Cards Are Cheap to Mail

Obtaining airtime on TV or the radio can cause your marketing costs to balloon exponentially. Mailing post cards, on the other hand, is relatively cheap. In fact, if your post cards are the correct size, you can get a special discounted rate on mailing them through the US Postal Service. This discount is not available to other kinds of mail. This is one of the reasons why posts cards are a preferred choice for direct mail campaigns. If you mail in high volume, the savings can be significant.

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