The Easy and Cost Efficiency of Using Virtual Meeting Rooms


You should just think of a Virtual Meeting Room also referred to as VMR just as you think of a physical room:

  • Everyone knows where it is;
  • Some collaboration tools are in it;
  • And everyone is meeting to look for solutions.

It has a screen where you can share information, presentations, documents, and it also has a virtual address in the form of a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).

Video apps

VMR is an easy and simple way to meet on group video chat apps to share and collaborate. It is most of the time available and always accessible for scheduled as well as spur of the moment meetings.  Since is it a static resource having a unique name and address, it is easy to invite others to.

Any device

You can access a VMR from nearly any kind of device. A video conferencing system, using an internet browser, through MS Lync, Skype or Skype for Business clients, a tablet, or a smartphone, a regular phone, and in many other ways to communicate.

See others in VMR

When in the VMR – unless you dial in by phone – you will see all others in this room, like a normal videoconference, or again, like a meeting in real time. Those who speak are given the “main stage” or the largest part of the screen and often might use an interactive whiteboard software and there are several of these software packages.

Workplace Trends

  • The mobile workforce wants the technology that keeps them feeling they are important to the team as those in the company headquarters are;
  • This workforce wants self-service collaboration tools;
  • They want desktop clients providing, voice, video, text messaging and desktop sharing all from one software solution;
  • They have the craving for an easy user involvement with the video collaboration.

Cost efficient

What is amazing is how much money this VMR can save a company. The money in many companies that is used for company travel in a year is hard to imagine – you add together travel, hotel rooms, meals, renting a car or using Uber can be several thousand dollars for a meeting that maybe will last only an hour.

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