Factors to Consider for Hiring Commercial Painting Contractors


Paint has the power to transform any given space like your office, home or business. But you need to hire the right painting contractor as per your requirement. Remember that the wrong one will not only cost you money but loads of frustration as well.

Painting your commercial property is a big expense, but you must not commit the mistake of choosing your painting contractor on the basis of saving money. There are chances that you might end up selecting an unqualified, inexperienced and unlicensed painter that can leave you with an unsatisfied job and you need to redo it far too soon.

Nowadays, the market is flooded with painting contractors. If you are planning to paint your commercial property or home, you have to be very cautious before you hire the contractors. Commercial painting contractors at Gold Coast, help to reduce the tedious job associated with painting. They plan and execute the entire task within a given time frame and with thorough professionalism in hand. Before you choose a painter, it is always better to contact several painting contractors.

Here are some factors you should consider before hiring a painting contractor:

  • Provides references

You should always consider talking to the past clients of the painting contractor you are thinking of hiring. A contractor should not baulk when you demand for references. If they hesitate, consider it a red flag. A contractor that is proud of their work will always be happy to provide you with their references.

Once you get references, talk to them, especially with those who got the work done recently. This way you will get a good feel of how the company operates presently.

  • Properly licensed

There are some licenses that are exclusively for commercial or residential properties. Others are for small kind of jobs, but not for major ones. Ensure that your contractor has the proper licensing for painting your property as well as the scope of your job. You can easily check this online, and while doing that you can even check to see whether the contractor has any unresolved complaints.

  • Techniques and materials used

It is very important to know the kind of materials and techniques your painting contractor will use. Sub-par materials will not last long and will fail to hold up any wear and tear or weathering. Avoid the contractor that offers cheap products. In painting it is better to use expensive material and paints as they are filled with ingredients which make the paint last much longer.

In addition to this, you should even check with your contractor whether they do solid preparation before finally starting the painting job. Ask if they will repair current damage, such as flaking, holes, rough edges and mild dew.

  • Are the workers safe?

It is quite obvious that you will have many workers in and out of your business while the painting job is carried on. Check with your contractor whether you can trust these workers.

Ultimately, you want to choose the commercial painting contractors at Gold Coast, whom you can trust. One of the most popular and reputable painting contractors is McCarthy Coatings, as their main aim is to provide you an honest premium service, with great affordable packages.

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