How To Successfully Rebrand Your Firm


Rebranding is technically speaking the creation of a new look and feel for a company that’s already established.
Sometimes, the rebranding process can be easy and successful, and sometimes it can be a slippery slope. If you take a look at Airbnb and Hershey, you will see how disastrous the result of rebranding can be.

The moral of the story is this – Don’t try to rebrand your firm by yourself, and don’t use your employees. You and your employees are too emotionally invested in your existing brand. Use the services provide by strategic marketing consultants like BrandQuest.

How will strategic marketing companies rebrand you firm?

The strategic marketing company will always start with research. It’s the first and most important step. They will research the market and conclude do you even need a rebrand. They will make sure that you understand your brand, your customers, and your market. Here’s what your rebranding company will research:

• Your customers’ needs, wants, and opinions.

• Your current brand assets.

• Your competitors and their products or services.

• What community thinks of your company.

If making the old new again is something your company needs according to the research, your strategic marketing company will devise a plan for you.

Developing a new story for your company is one reasonably important step. Your brand, logo, and message should tell one story, but not just any story.

Your story has to be compact, heroic, and memorable. Of course, your story has to describe exactly where you fit into the market space.

Advertising your company as an innovative one can have a devastating effect if you’re low-cost provider. People are emotional beings, and they don’t like being lied to. Presenting and positioning your company with honesty can go a long way.

Building new brand identity

The visual elements of your brand are important, and they need to accurately represent your product and the message you are trying to send. Do not confuse your logo or your message with a brand. Those are just the elements of a successful brand.

Your reputation and your visibility are your brand, not your logo and your company’s name. When it comes to rebranding, in most cases, the logo and company’s name stay the same. Usually, just the logo gets ‘’freshened-up’’.
Online presence

What is the most important business development tool in this day and age? Your company’s website, of course. You will use your website to tell a story to each of your audiences. If your website is outdated, and it doesn’t convey a message you want to tell in the right way, you will lose your clients and your potential clients.

Your website combined with your remaining online presence (Facebook, Twitter) is the heart and soul of your company. It is the full expression of your positioning on the market.
Building a marketing plan

The final step in rebranding your firm is to develop a good and effective plan to promote your new brand. Some companies simply skip this process, and as a result, they lose their customers.

Your employees should also embrace your new brand. Some of your employees might be emotionally attached to your previous brand, but that’s normal. Give them some time.


To get the most out of your rebranding, you need to let the professionals do their job. Don’t make shortcuts. If your company is located in Australia, and you need rebranding in Sydney, choose BrandQuest.

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